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How does storage pricing work?

Miner storage pricing listed on Filgram is determined by miners and represents the cost of a regular deal. The price is displayed in FIL/GB/epoch. If you want to calculate how much it would cost to store data for an extended period of time, use our calculator.

How can you provide storage for free?

Free storage is available thanks to the Filecoin+ program, which accelerates the onboarding of verified deals. Verified deals give 10x storage power to miners, and therefore they are incentivized to offer free storage. To read more about verified deals, check Filecoin+.

Are there costs incurred for making deals via Filgram?

There are currently no costs for making verified deals through the Filgram platform. In the future, when regular deals are also available on Filgram, the only cost will be the one set by miners for storage deals.

How much information should I list for my storage provider?

General information about your miner, such as storage power, miner ID, price, verifiedPrice, minPieceSize, maxPieceSize, is automatically added directly from on-chain. The more information you add, the more transparent your profile will appear to potential clients. Feel free to add custom links, certificates, and other achievements you would like to share with potential clients.

What are the mechanics of storing data via Filgram?

Data stored with Filgram is first picked up by IPFS nodes before entering the queue phase. In this phase, Storage providers are selected to store the data. After that, data is packed into sectors, sealed and storage deal become active . There will be a minimum of 3 copies stored on miners in different geographical locations.

How long does my data stay in the queue before actually being uploaded to a Storage Provider?

Once uploaded to IPFS, your data is ready for retrieval and will be picked up by miners within 48 hours. After miners pick up data, you will be able to see a link directly to a miner storing your data.

How can I trust that my data will actually be stored with a Storage Provider?

Once Storage Providers store your data, you will be able to see your data in a deal published on-chain. That will guarantee your data will be stored for the lifetime of the deal. You can always check your data availability using your CID through a public gateway.

How does Filecoin work?

For general questions about Filecoin visit Filecoin docs.